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2012 Democratic National Convention

Updates from the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C. Use the chat feed at right to comment and see live tweets from Nebraskans at the convention.

  • Vince Powers: Labor Day 

    Everyone should pause to thank organized labor for building the American middle class. Unfortunately both are under attack by the wealthy elites who hijacked the Republican party. 
    This morning one of Nebraska's great corporations, the Burlington Northern Railroad hosted the delegation's breakfast. Courtney and I hopped the bus to downtown with Jeff Leanna, a delegate from ScottsBluff who is a the answer man for any question about the convention. He got us hooked up to an app for the convention information, explained how to get around downtown and was able to recommend events to us.
    We checked out the arena, Nebraska has great seats to watch the speakers. The media were testing their equipment getting ready for tomorrow.  

    Comedy Central had at least two teams working the streets. But they need to step up their game, the interviews we watched ended in frustratioboth times as the delegates knew the issues well. Simply put, Jon Oliver, -you aren't in Tampa anymore. As we overheard Jason Jones telling a crew, "We have to step it up."

    Thanks to Jim Rogers, Maureen Monaha and Missy Wiggly, we are staying close by downton, light rail took about 8 minutes and a shuttle was waiting for the 5 minute rideto the hotel. We plan on going back to listen to James T
  • Powers: Great Day

    We had a number of fired up speakers at breakfast Wednesday to start a day that few delegates will ever forget. Alison and Courtney checked out Charlotte while I did some work. I had to skip the delegation's luncheon to finish work. But by 230 we were headed to the  light rail. We were at a Civil Justice reception by 3. Lots of interesting officials. Senator Al Franken was a crowd favorite. It's interesting how different we'll known persons interact with people. For every Sen Franken who graciously took the time to stop on the sidewalk for pictures, there is another who walks with a cellphone to the ear as an excuse to keep walking. The MSNBC folks, Chuck Todd and Chris Matthews  were polite and accommodating as MSNBC set up in an outdoor plaza where the public could stop and watch. Meanwhile CNN set up inside a restaurant open only to those with passes. No surprise MSNBC moving up in ratings while CNN dropping.  CNN acts as if the public is an annoyance not their lifeblood while MSNBC understands that the public is their potential audience.
    Day 2 
    by Zach Pluhacekon Sep 6, 2012 at 10:44 AM
    by Zach Pluhacekon Sep 6, 2012 at 10:44 AM
    Courtney Powers and Sen. Al Franken 
    by Zach Pluhacekon Sep 6, 2012 at 10:44 AM

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  • Powers: Six Words

    A camera crew is filming on the street persons  who stand on a stump and state 6, not 5, not 7, but 6 words to describe convention. They are from the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, a modern interactive history museum and will play selected clips at the museum. 

    My six words were "Empty Chair for Osama Bin Laden". Courtney's were "Michelle, Bill, Barack, bye bye Romney". I think we both make it into the museum's show.
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